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    Will look up Family Tree DNA today and sort out details. I will also make sure to project Silesia 🙂



    Damian, checked out Family Tree DNA, and they list 3 types on the male Y cost depending on how many markers it contains. Which one would you recommend I go for? Thanks, Edd 🙂


    Damian Jureczko

    I think that at the beginning of the Y -37 is enough. You can also order Y -37 + Family Finder. If the DNA you’re interested in it , and so end up on the BIG- Y 🙂



    Thanks Damian, Ordered the kit with family finder 🙂


    Damian Jureczko

    So you order a Y -37 + FF ? ( Y -37 you have to order to find out what is your haplogroup ) Let me know when you order .

    I am seeking a family Klimas in the books of records of Suszec of 1715 years . In a month I will send scans and genealogy



    Hello Damian, have ordered my kit Y-67 + FF. I have filled in my request to join Project Silesia and waiting for a reply from the administrator.

    Awesome news that you are seeking the family Klimas in the book of records of Suszec, thank you so much and I look forward to seeing the scans and genealogy in a month’s time 🙂

    One of the things I forgot to ask earlier when you mentioned the family Blazyca was if there was a date of Birth Record for Maria Blazyca who married Johann. No matter if there isn’t , I was just curious.

    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. Truly you have beeen amazing and I hope we can meet up and I can buy you a drink when I hope to visit Suszec/Silesia in the future 🙂 Edd



    Hey Damian, I will ask out of couriosity – where you spotted books of records from such old times? I cant see it on familysearch so you have scans somewhere else? 🙂



    Damian Jureczko

    Edmund also look for Błażyca and family , and others that will be associated with you .

    I am glad that you decided to study DNA. I am very interesting results.

    I hope that someday we will meet and drink beer in Suszec

    Alwexis not all books are available . These Suszec of my collections . Originals are available in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Katowice. Edmund was lucky that his paternal ancestors and my come from one parish .



    Thanks Damien, that’s awesome. Really excited about studying and seeing the DNA results and look forward to sharing them with you.

    Also thanks for checking on Blazyca and family.

    I will almost certainly get myself to Suszec in the future and will look forward to sharing a beer 🙂



    Hi Damian, hope you’re well. Just wondering if you could answer this question. Is there a main Roman Catholic Cemetery in Suszec and how old it is? Thanks mate,

    take care,



    Damian Jureczko

    I have a holiday and resting ; ) In Suszcu a cemetery, but it is a very old cemetery . Old man was around the church and was eventually abolished. In the years 1847-1848 there was a plague – typhus . The deceased was no place to bury . It was created when the new cemetery from the field leased by Prince Pless . I was there , but I have not seen the old graves . Somewhere I have photos of some tombstones.




    Hi Damian, hope you’re enjoying your holiday 🙂 Making me jealous, I’m ready for a holiday myself. Thanks for the information, I always wondered where the Cemetery was, I thought it might have been next to the Church but never realized that a new Cemetery had been built.

    Anyway, have a great holiday and take care,



    Damian Jureczko

    Thank you ; ) I will write for some time



    DNA Kit arrived today, will take the the test this week and send it back. Will let you know the results when I get them 🙂


    Damian Jureczko

    I remember about the search , but time was missing . There is also all the books . I have the oldest . I miss births and marriages from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Because of death Lorenz Klimas that he was born about 1822 years . I can not check the birth, but I checked all the deaths which were just and only one Klimas had a son named Lorenz . I think Lorenz Klimas at the time of his death he was 67 years , not 57. But I can not conclude without metrics and probably will have to ask for the query in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Katowice. In 1821 died Johann Klimas , who had a 9 year old son named Lawrence . I think that ‘s him. I’ll find everything you can and I will continue to send . Regards Damian

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