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    Thanks Damien, that’s great. I’ve taken the DNA Test and posted it back to FDNA.As soon as I get the results back I will let you know.Looking at the results you’ve found so far I think you’re right about Lorenz. Really appreciate you’re hard work and look forward to seeing what you find next.

    I know this must take up a lot of your time and if there is any way I can help financially please let me know. I would be more than happy to send a donation to the upkeep of your website as i know these things cost money to run.

    All the best,

    Edd 🙂



    Hi, Damian, just looking at the last record you sent me, am I reading it right that Agnetha is Johann’s wife and that he had 5 children including Lorenz?

    Thanks, hope you’re well,



    Damian Jureczko

    Hi, Edd
    Yes it is true at the time of death in 1821 Johann (Jan ) Klimas had five children
    Catharina (Katarzyna) -15 years
    Alexander (Aleksander) – 11 years
    Lorenz (Wawrzyniec) – 9 years
    Paulina – 5 years
    Bartek (Bartłomiej)- 2 years

    I am fine. Thank you. Only time still missing ; )



    Thanks Damian, much appreciated, thought I read it right. I’ll add the names to the family tree. Good to know you’re well, I also know what you mean about time 🙂 The day goes by too quick 🙂



    Hello Damian,

    Got an update from FTDNA Today, should have my results in 3 weeks. I will post you the results as soon as I get them.

    Quick question If I wanted to get a record of my Grandfather’s (Johann Klimas 1879) Death and also marriage record to my Grandma Martha Polczyk. I presume they married in Suszec but may have married in Rybnik or Zabrze as her family lived there. Would i need to apply to the Archives of the Archdiocese of Katowice to obtain these records? Unfortunately not to sure of his date of death, i believe it was sometime in 1925 but not 100% sure. Possibly I might have to go to the records office next time over in Europe.

    Also I have a few old photos taken around Suszec and Rybnik, would it be ok to post them in the gallery on the forum?
    Anyway, hope you are keeping well and all is good. All good here in Sydney,it’s starting to get very warm now Spring is here 🙂



    Damian Jureczko

    Welcome Edd

    I know that you are waiting for paris records acts of Suszec that I promised. I will send them, and I will continue to build your family tree. Unfortunately, we still miss my time now. Excuse me. I still have many other things to do. The Archives Archidiecezjanym in Katowice could outsource query the ancestors of John Klimasa. I miss all the books of Suszca, so it would be even desirable. While the acts of his marriage and death will have to be sought in the State Archives in Katowice or even when it comes to the death certificate at the registry office of the village. I do not know whether my answers are for you to understand. I do not know English well . I have a very good friend of Sydney. It could help us in touch. If you want to get to know each other. Easier for us then it will be time to look for what you need. I also look forward to the results of your DNA. I am very curious about your haplogroup. If you have photos to put them on the forum or send me mail and I’ll put it to our gallery. In Poland, we have just ended summer. It begins to be cold.



    Thanks Damian,

    Much appreciate all your help. Don’t worry I realize you are very busy and time is short and you have lots to do. I look forward to any information you find and don’t mind how long it takes to receive it, just very pleased to have your freindship and help. Your English is fine and I can understand what you write OK, it is much better than my Polish, 🙂 . I wish I got my Father to teach me Polish when he was alive as it would be such a big help with communication and allow me to learn so much more about Poland. Unfortunately I think we realize only these things when we are much older.

    If it helps to use your friend in Sydney that would be good.

    Once again thanks for all your help and information it’s a great help 🙂

    I will sort out the photos and send them you, that way you can put up the ones most useful to people

    all the best,



    Damian Jureczko

    I am pleased with our relationship. Both come from the paternal Suszec . For every genealogist native parish is important. Soon I will send further acts . I write also to my friend in Sydney. I am waiting for photos. You can also send an email acts that you have. If you write me permission to look for something that can make things happen on your behalf . I will write you in the mail how to do it , or pass my friend in Sydney.



    Thanks Damian, that would be fantastic. Just sorting photos at the moment, some old photos of my father as a young boy in Suszec around 1928/29 and some old school class photos from Rybnik from the late Twenties and ealy Thirties.

    I’m happy to give you permission to look for anything on my behalf, my email address is and

    If you can email me details on how to give you permission that would begreat and I’ll also send you the photos via email.




    Wśród przodków mojej żony jest Jerzy Vivtor Klimas ur 18.2.1908 w Lipinach roku zmarł 21.1.1960. Rodzice Franz Klimas oraz Maria z domu Rachel. Czy ktoś z Panstwa ma te osoby w swoim drzewie?

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