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    My trail was cut off in Glogówek on my birth certificate
    Theodore Josef Müller from 1848. The brickyard is given as the village,
    as for parents, father Johann Müller Ziegelmeister and wife Aloisia née. Kunze.
    I looked at the indices from Glogowek and unfortunately there are no hits with Johann M or Aloisia K. no birth, slubow, or death from any of the parents.
    My urururopa Theodor M. he died in Nysa.
    Therefore, I wonder if by any chance I will find his parents there.
    If someone has indexes from Nysa, please help and info.
    Regards, M.M.M.


    Good morning,
    How Głogówek is my area :) There is no brickyard village, the child was born simply in a brickyard of which there were several in Głogówek at that time (my great-grandmother died in a brickyard). I would also look for ancestors in the books: Wierzch, Biedrzychowice, Mochów, both popular names, of course they are also in my tree, but when married :)


    It was clear to me from Cegielnia, and I also know what Ziegelmeister 😛 means
    Thanks for the info.



    🙂 I recommend Mr. Günter Hauptstock's book. My Głogówek, there he writes extensively about brick factories in Głogówek. I think, that you already know it: P
    We probably have the same indices :)


    Nie nie znam hehe ;D
    Co do indeksow nie widzialem tych urodzen i zgonow po 1800r. Ale mam skany urodzen 2 Johannow M. ale nie wiem czy ktorys z nich jest moim przodkiem.



    Ja mam wszystkie, te po 1800 są nie pouzupełniane, może kiedyś pouzupełniam:)
    Please write to: salwierak.g@gmail.com
    Chyba mam wszystko co dotyczy Głogówka, łącznie z katastrami 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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