• 15 of April (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture by Roman Gatysa pt.:"Kolekcjonerstwo – memorabilia of the ancestors, as a source for genealogical research. "
  • 18 February (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture by Magdalena bundles-Felix pt.:"Mowa folk costume - a few topics of interpretation. "
  • 21 January (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture Miroslaw Mitrengi pt.:"Jak write a book about the history of his family on the example of "Genealogy family świerklanieckiego Mitręgów / Mitrengów" "


  • 21-23 September (the Bank) – participation in V National Conference Genealogical
  • 17 September (Chorzow) –  meeting with a lecture p. Zbigniew Paul Szandara pt.:"Górny Silesia. Borders and people pass away, earth abideth "
  • 17 June (Chorzow) – official celebration 5. the birth of our Society
  • 21 May (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture p. John Gąsior Fri .:”The beginnings of a detailed mapping of Silesia 1724-188.”
  • 16 of April (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture p. Alana Jakmana pt .: “Playing genealogy and local history in Podbeskidzie.”
  • 19 March (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture titled Eve Granieczny .: “Upper Silesian collections in the archives of Wroclaw.”
  • 19 February (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture p. Barbara Sznober Fri .: “The history of the Lutheran Parish in Mikołów.”


  • 23 October (Katowice) – training in the use of resources of the National Archives in Katowice for the members of our Society
  • 23 September (Poznan) – participation in genealogist Day organized by the Archdiocesan Archive in Poznan and the Genealogical Society of Greater JACK
  • 8-10 September (the Bank) – participation in the IV National Conference Genealogical
  • 10-12 June (Warsaw) – Ewa Granieczny represented our Association during training “social archives”
  • 21-22 June (Chorzow) – Co-organization of the International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “In the footsteps of the past… Genetic Genealogy research in prehistoric and historic”
  • 9 of April (Radzionków) – joint tour of the Center for Documentation of Deportation Upper Silesians to the USSR 1945
  • 20 March (Chorzow) – meeting with Eve Granieczny lecture entitled: “"Charles Pander - niemetrykalne archival sources in discovering the history of an ancestor."


  • 20 of November (Zabrze) – joint tour of the Jewish Cemetery in Zabrze
  • 22 October (Piekary Slaskie) – meeting with Fr.. prof. Janusz Wycisło
  • 14-16 October (Bank) – participation in the Third National Conference of the Genealogical
  • 14 May (Katowice) – Damiana Jureczko lecture and Miroslaw Mitrengi, entitled: 'An Evening with genealogy. The search for ancestors in Upper Silesia. ', Night of Museums Silesian Museum
  • 16 June (Katowice) – Training with the digitization of archival materials for members of the Society
  • 10 September (Chorzow) – open-air meeting of the Society by the fire
  • 8 October (Chorzow) – Genetic Genealogy meeting of the Section of our Society
  • 28 October (Chorzow) – meeting with a lecture p. John Habdas Fri .: “Silesian settlement in Texas in the nineteenth century.”


  • 11-13 September (the Bank) – participation in the Second National Conference of the Genealogical
  • January (Katowice) – signing of an agreement with the State Archives in Katowice on the digitization of books and records start of the project


  • 11-12 October (Bank) – participation in the National Conference Genealogical
  • 10 of November (Piekary Slaskie) – meeting with a lecture p. Bernard Szczęch
  • 5 of November (Naklo Slaskie) – lecture p. Joseph Tyrol's Fri .: “As recorded Silesian names”


  • September – start-up of the Upper Silesian Genealogical Society 'Silius radicum’