Name and logo


Upper Silesian Genealogical Society “Silesian Roots” created, genealogists to associate with Upper Silesia (but not only), and, above all, the, who can demonstrate the Silesian roots. Upper Silesia was for centuries a border area, which contributed to the migration of population. In the twentieth century has shifted the boundaries and the subsequent forced or voluntary migrations. The specificity of the history of this land will, that many of us, society members, It has roots in both Silesian (Upper Silesia), and generally speaking: nieśląskie. This extends the circle of the research interests of our members, because it does not limit itself to the historical sites of Upper Silesia, but nonetheless “Silesian roots” They are a kind of leitmotif of our business.

Silesian roots in Latin “roots Silesiensis”. Why then we named “epic roots”? That's how it is with names, that they are sometimes unusual and surprising. So it is with our name, because it is not a literal translation “Silesian roots”, but simply a play on words. We wanted to create a name easily catchy, and on the other hand, somewhat mysterious, to encourage research, where it comes from. This is, after all genealogy – often mysterious, requiring continuous exploration and puzzle solving.


Fifth paragraph of the Rules of GTG defines the appearance of our logo: ” (…) The sign of the association is the logo containing the black tree on a blue background. Boughs of trees form the shape of the shield, in which the yellow eagle Silesian. Below the eagle on a tree trunk are scythe and hammers Mining yellow. The whole is contained in a black circle with white lettering “Upper Silesian FAMILY”. At the base of the tree is a ribbon with the inscription “Silesian Roots”.

Eagle and colors refer of course to the coat of arms of the Silesian province, which in turn refers to the coat of arms of the Piast Upper Silesian Duchy of Opole and Racibórz from the Middle Ages. Kosa and hammers indicate the nature of the agricultural and mining lands associated with Upper Silesia, and the tree is known as a symbol of genealogists and family. Placed under the ribbon with the name of “Silesian Roots” year 2013 It refers to the year of our Society.