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At the beginning 2017 the Upper Silesian Genealogical Society "Silius radicum" project started indexing metrics vows in the parish registry offices and from Upper Silesia and the former principality of Siewierz. Results of our work will be placed directly in the Genetec ( Indexes will be marked by our user GTG_Silius_Radicum, although our team has already indexing 15 people. We encourage more people, also outside our company. Crawling according to the rules established by a team of Geneteki.

Our indexing with the number of entries entered:

Artur – 67120

Adam Bielawski – 249

Marian Step – 14050

Petra core – 486

Olaf words – 409

Alexander Kunsdorf – 1624

Anja Krueger – 1758

Dariusz Lanczek

Dorota Ledwoń-Wcisło – 4048

Teresa Lukasik – 1211

Andrzej Mieńko – 103

Martina Seidel – 455

Mirosław Mitrenga – 10915

Gabriele Mühlenhoff – 1067

Gabriela Romańska – 7961

Gabriela Salwierak – 1313

Olaf Smolarz – 2007

Michael Schaetzlein – 34670

Joanna Skowron-Szalich – 8790


Flat on 22.11.2019

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[FROM] The Upper Silesian genealogist association "Silius Radicum" has begun an indexing project for religious and civil marriage entries from Upper Silesia and the former Duchy of Siewierz. The fruits of our labor are uploaded directly to Geneteka ( The indexes started by our volunteers will be filed under the user name GTG_Silius_Radicum, where our Indexierteam currently out 15 is people. We are looking forward to more participants, even from outside of the club. We index according to the specifications of Geneteka.

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Book of Roman Catholic [Catholic Church Books]

Book Lutheran [Protestant, Lutheran Church Books]

Book of Confessions of Moses (Jewish) [Jewish Books]

Book of Civil Status Offices [Standesamregister]



Registry Office – Bełk (Belk)
Registry Office – Bhibiel (Bhibiell)
Registry Office – Bielszowice (Bielschowitz)
ASC Bieńkowice Roman Catholic Parish (Bienkowitz)
Registry Office – Ivy (Bluschczau) Registry Office – Bodzanowice (Botzanowitz) Registry Office – Great Borides (Groß Borek) Registry Office – Borucin (Borutin) Registry Office – Brusiek (Bruschiek) Registry Office – Brynek (Brynnek) Registry Office – Brynów (Brynow) Registry Office – Brzezinka (Birkental) Registry Office – Bykowina (Friedrichsdorf) ASC Roman Catholic Parish of Bytom (Beuthen) Registry Office – Bytom-Łagiewniki (Beuthen-Hohenlinde) Registry Office – Bytom-Sucha Gora (Beuthen-dry mountain) Registry Office – Bobrek Bytom (Beuthen-Bobrek) Registry Office – Bytom-Miechowice (Beuthen-Miechowitz) Registry Office – Bytom-Rozbark (Beuthen-Rossberg)


ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Sarajevo (Sarajevo) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Chorzow St.. Maria Magdalena (Chorzow) Registry Office – Chorzów (Chorzow) Registry Office – Chropaczów (Silesian Mine)] Registry Office – Cieszowa (Czieschowa) Registry Office – Ciężkowice (Cienskowitz) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Cyprzanów (Janowitz) Registry Office – Tufted (Czernitz) Registry Office – Czerwięcice (Czerwentzütz)


ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Dębieńsko (only Orzesze) (Orzesche)


ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Gliwice (Gleiwitz) St.. Bartholomew ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Gliwice (Gleiwitz) St.. Barbara ASC Lutheran Parish – Gliwice (Gleiwitz) Savior ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Goczalkowice (Goczalkowitz) St.. George ASC Lutheran Parish – Golasowice (Golasowitz) St.. George Registry Office – Gołkowice (Golkowitz) Registry Office – Gorzow Slaski (Landsberg) Registry Office – Gorzyce (Gross Gorschütz) Registry Office – Gorzyczki (Klein Gorschütz) Registry Office – Grabówka (Grabówka)


Registry Office – Jerzy Huta (Georgshütte) Registry Office – Huta Laura (Laurahütte)


Registry Office – Rybnik Jankowice (Königlich Jankowitz) Registry Office – Hawks (Jastrzemb) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Hawks (Jastrzemb) St.. catherine


Registry Office – Kaleta (Stahlhammer) Registry Office – Katowice Ligota (Kattowitz-Ellgoth) Registry Office – Katowice Panewniki (Kattowitz-Panewniki) Registry Office – Katowice Wełnowiec (Katowice Hohenlohe hut) Registry Office – Katowice Szopienice (Kattowitz-Schoppinitz) Registry Office – Katowice Załęże (Kattowitz-Zalenze) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Szopienice Katowice (Kattowitz-Schoppinitz) St.. Hedwig ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Kielcza (Keltsch) St.. Bartholomew ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Goat garrison (Cosel) Registry Office – Digging (Koppen) Registry Office – Kornice (Kornitz) Registry Office – Koszęcin (Koschentin) Registry Office – Karst (Krassow) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Royal Huta (Königshütte) St.. Barbary Registry Office – Royal Huta I (Königshütte I) Registry Office – Royal Foundry II (Königshütte II) Jewish community – Royal Huta (Königshütte)


ASC Roman Catholic Parish – I Like (I Like) Narodzenia NMP


Registry Office – Silesian town (Georgenberg) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Miechowice St.. Cross (Miechowitz) ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Silesian town (Georgenberg) – Żyglin


ASC Lutheran Parish – Sand (Ludwigsthal)

Registry Office – Piaseczno (Piassetzna)

Registry Office – Pniowiec (Piassetzna)

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Piekary Slaskie (Deutsch Piekar) St.. Imienia NMP


ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Radzionków (Radzionkau) St.. Wojciech

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Repty Silesia (Repten)

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Ruda Slaska -Wirek (Antonienhütte) St.. Wawrzyniec

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Ruda Śląska – Bielszowice (Bielschowitz)

Registry Office – Ruptawa (Ruptau)


Registry Office – Siemianowice Slaskie – Jerzy Huta (Siemianowitz – Georgshutte )

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Siemianowice Slaskie St.. Cross (Siemianowitz)

Registry Office – Old Tarnowice (Alt Tarnowitz)

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Old Tarnowice (Alt Tarnowitz)

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Suszec, only Kleszczów


Registry Office – Swietochlowice Chropaczów (Schwientochlowitz)

Registry Office – Swierklaniec (Neudeck)



ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Targoszyce – St.. Nicholas

ASC Roman Catholic Parish – Tarnow Mountains (Tarnowitz) St.. Piotr i Paweł



Registry Office – Wilkowice (Gross Wilkowitz)


Registry Office – Zbrosławice (Broslawitz)


(As of 12.09.2017)