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Damian Jureczko

I remember about the search , but time was missing . There is also all the books . I have the oldest . I miss births and marriages from the beginning of the nineteenth century. Because of death Lorenz Klimas that he was born about 1822 years . I can not check the birth, but I checked all the deaths which were just and only one Klimas had a son named Lorenz . I think Lorenz Klimas at the time of his death he was 67 years , not 57. But I can not conclude without metrics and probably will have to ask for the query in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Katowice. In 1821 died Johann Klimas , who had a 9 year old son named Lawrence . I think that 's him. I’ll find everything you can and I will continue to send . Regards Damian

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