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Hello Damian,

Got an update from FTDNA Today, should have my results in 3 weeks. I will post you the results as soon as I get them.

Quick question If I wanted to get a record of my Grandfather’s (Johann Klimas 1879) Death and also marriage record to my Grandma Martha Polczyk. I presume they married in Suszec but may have married in Rybnik or Zabrze as her family lived there. Would i need to apply to the Archives of the Archdiocese of Katowice to obtain these records? Unfortunately not to sure of his date of death, i believe it was sometime in 1925 but not 100% sure. Possibly I might have to go to the records office next time over in Europe.

Also I have a few old photos taken around Suszec and Rybnik, would it be ok to post them in the gallery on the forum?
Anyway, hope you are keeping well and all is good. All good here in Sydney,it’s starting to get very warm now Spring is here 🙂