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Damian Jureczko

Welcome Edd

I know that you are waiting for paris records acts of Suszec that I promised. I will send them, and I will continue to build your family tree. Unfortunately, we still miss my time now. Excuse me. I still have many other things to do. The Archives Archidiecezjanym in Katowice could outsource query the ancestors of John Klimasa. I miss all the books of Suszca, so it would be even desirable. While the acts of his marriage and death will have to be sought in the State Archives in Katowice or even when it comes to the death certificate at the registry office of the village. I do not know whether my answers are for you to understand. I do not know English well . I have a very good friend of Sydney. It could help us in touch. If you want to get to know each other. Easier for us then it will be time to look for what you need. I also look forward to the results of your DNA. I am very curious about your haplogroup. If you have photos to put them on the forum or send me mail and I’ll put it to our gallery. In Poland, we have just ended summer. It begins to be cold.