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Piotr Slania

Hi Damian,

I agreed to be part of the MyHeritage’s project “Founder Population”.
First at all, the DNA test is the same like others vendors.
The result is three CSV (plain text file with separate comma) files.
On the first, there are about 700,000 SNPs lines starting from chromosome number #1 to #22.
For each SNP, they provide the identifier, chromosome number, base pair position and genotype.The genotype is reported on the forward (+) strand with respect to the human reference build 37.
The second file gather data about chromosome X.
The third file contains small data about chromosome Y.
I think the CSV structure files is the same like FTDNA, 23andme, … .
With the autosomal tools, I can match any other DNA (Ancien DNA, other living people and so on). So I discover that my DNA match most BR2 (Hungary Ancient DNA) 30% but it is a estimation.
But, MyHeritage doesn’t provide so far ethnicity report. There are working on it.

I am sot sure but I would like to know my Haplogroup regarding my Y DNA data.
But in fact I cannot do much so far with only the autosomal DNA raw data.

What I can do is wait for the ethnicity report but the quality of DNA matches is not as good as FTDNA Report.

Link MyHeritage DNA blog

By the way, I don’t know if it is useful to join the project Silesia.

Kind regards.

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Piotr Slania