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Hello Adam,
searching the baptisms of Radzionków should be the first priority. Based on that, we might also be able to find Mathaeus Olesch’s marriage in the years before Catharina’s baptism.
Mathaeus Wilk might be from outside the village; he was a skilled worker, not a farmer, and the alias Reder suggests that he took over the Reder farm/house recently.
As I have said before, I have a DNA match with someone who has WILK ancestors from Halemba (Katowice district), with Casimirus Wilk * around 1800 in Halemba, +15.07.1885 in Halemba being the current top ancestor. Mathaeus could be his uncle.

Thank you for the death record. I think that as long as we do not have his marriage record, there is no use in speculating.

Greetings from Copenhagen,