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Hello Monika,

Thank you so much for translating what you could. There was uncertainty about this Franz Lissok and whether or not he was my great-great grandfather. I have since found the correct person (his brother Laurent), but it is still wonderful to know the details here.

Your name seems to be on most of the records I have been investigating (many, many in Gross Chelm). I thank you deeply for the work you have done. In the past few weeks I have found so much about my family that I never knew before. The attached shows my great-grandfather in the lower-left (shaded in black), and the rest that I was able to confirm through the records you have transcribed (painstakingly, I’m sure). My family is amazed at what I have found. I hope you know how many people are grateful for your work!

RJ Fitch

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RJ Fitch