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Hi Andrea,

In response to your post, I can provide you with some information.

The list of the Silesian nobility drawn up in 1752 lists only two families bearing the surname von Hubendorff (actually Huebner von Hubendorff), namely:

Carl Joseph von Hubendorff; born around 1718, owner of the village of Schöneiche (Landkreis Neumarkt), currently Proszków, Lower Silesia. In 1752 he had a 5-year-old son, Joseph Humbert. The wife of Carl Joseph in 1756 was Maria von Ehrenschild.

Anna Maria von Hubendorff; born around 1710, owner of the village of Zaumgarten (Landkreis Breslau), currently Chrzanów, Lower Silesia. In 1752 she had three sons: Mathias 22 years old; Paulus 20 years old; Ignatius 18 years old.

In addition, based on information from armorials known that in 1718 Heinrich Wilhelm Huebner von Hubendorff was the owner of Kadłub (German: Kadlau) and Jabłonka (German: Goebel) (Landkreis Neumarkt).

I would advise you to check the parishes to which the mentioned villages belonged, it is possible that Theresia Hedwig von Hubendorff was baptized in one of them.

The name von Kottulinsky appears more often, but I have not found Johann Rudolf anywhere, who should be included in the list, since he was born around 1750. However, I note that the list is certainly not complete and does not include all families, which I confirmed by verifying the list content with church records.

The census of the nobility basically contains only data on men, women appear only when they were owners of landed goods.

Baptism records from Rybnik since 1638 can be found in the Archdiocese Archives in Katowice.

Tomorrow I will check my other materials, and if I find anything, I’ll let you know.