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Hello Andrzej

Thank you so much. This is really great, escpecially about Hubendorf,it is difficult to find something about them.Now there is a lot of new information, I can work with. There is also not many information what happen to Theresia, I know she was there when Carl Feodor´s brother was born, I found her name as Theresia v. Kottulinsky (grandmother it was stated on the church entry of the birth entry). I am so excited with all the news. I was also thinking about to find information about Johann Rudolf in the regiment Steinwehr, but there is not much I can find on the Internet. I am not 100% sure about that the town Ribneck is Rybnik, but it is the closet I found in Upper Slesia. The most information I found from ancestry.com and I have copied the birth/marriage/death certificates. I will upload them her with my entry. Best regards Andrea Krause

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