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Hello Andrea,

You are very lucky, because from the death certificate Johann Rudolf von Kottulinsky you can learn a lot about the course of his military service, namely: at the age of 14 he started his military career, his first commander was von Sass / von Saß for 1½ years (around 1764 – 1765), then he served under von Tauentzien for 2 years (between 1765 – 1767) and finally under von Steinwehr for 29 years (1767 – 1796). Military units had fixed numbers, but customarily bore the surname of the current commander.

Certainly Johann Rudolf served in the years 1791 – 1796 in the Infanterie-Regiment No. 40, which results from the records you attach, because the commander of this unit in the years 1791 – 1794 was Carl Ludwig von Pfuel, and then in the years 1794 – 1805 Friedrich Wilhelm von Steinwehr.

You can find out more about the structure and commanders of regiments here:

The death certificate of Johann Rudolf also shows that Theresia Hedwig von Hubendorff was his only wife and he had no children other than Wilhelmine.

When it comes to the birthplace of Johann Rudolf, you must check the baptism records from Rybnik and verify that the information provided in the death certificate is correct.

Since it was stated that Johann Rudolf was exactly 46 years, 6 months and 8 days old at the time of his death, such an exact age could only be given on the basis of the baptism certificate, perhaps it was in the regiment’s records?

The search for noble ancestors is not as easy as it may seem. Information about petty nobility is often of poor quality, so finding individuals or families requires a lot of work and effort. Additionally, in your case, when it comes to officers who often changed their stationing places, there is a need to reconstruct their military service.

In addition, I looked through my materials, unfortunately I found nothing more about the von Hubendorff family. The von Kottulinsky family appear more often, but at this stage of your search, Johann Rudolf can in no way be assigned to any of them.