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Hej Andrzej

Thank you so much for this information. I knew there was information in his death certificates, but I find it hard to interpret them, and there you helped me a lot. I know it is really difficult. At the moment I am going through the church entry (about 1750) from different churches of Rybnik and the villages in the area, which are available on familysearch. I try to read the names, but the entrys are written in latin, so I try to read the baptist name, which is quite difficult. I guess I have to contact the different churches to hear them, if they have birth entrys from 1750 and mabey efter that I have to visit these churches (I wanted to come to Polen at one point in the next few years) I know there is a lot of Kottulinsky about, but I cant find anything more about Johann Rudolf or his family in Rybnik. You mentioned the regiment’s records, where do you think could I find them?. I thought often about if I mabey can find som militar records about Johan Rudolf, mabey I should concentrate more about that. Hubendorf er so diffcult to find, I found som lille information in the „Schlesische privilegirte Zeitung” eller den „schlesischen Adel” von Johannes Sinapius. I appreciate very much your help, you gave me a so much more to work with.
Best regards Andrea Krause

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