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At the moment, only commissioning a paid query in the Archdiocese Archives in Katowice can help, because only there are church records from Rybnik and the surrounding area. Read the Archive page carefully, you’ll learn a lot.

The archives of the Prussian army burned down in Potsdam in 1944, so there is no chance of finding the documents of the military regiments in which Johann Rudolf von Kottulinsky served. However, I mentioned them, because the person drawing up the death certificate had to calculate its exact age on some basis, so first check Rybnik, and possibly only later its immediate vicinity.

Besides, the records you find probably come from military records, but for example, do you know exactly in which parish Johann Rudolf and Theresia Hedwige got married? I believe that it is worth trying to find the church record of their wedding because it should contain more information.

I have a problem similar to yours, for four years I have been reconstructing the genealogy of the family von Stillarsky, von Stylarski, von Stelarski, von Stolarski, rarely with the addition of von Cent (the spelling of the surname is different, but it is still the same family). Its representatives probably came from Hungary to Upper Silesia at the beginning of the 17th century. The work is moving forward, but as I wrote before, it is a tedious analysis of records parish by parish, sometimes I find something, and sometimes for six months nothing. I don’t want to discourage you, but the genealogy of noble families takes a lot of patience and effort.

In the meantime, check the available lists of officers, maybe you will find something interesting about Johann Rudolf or Carl Krause.