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Hej Andrzje

I didn´t know for sure, but that´s really interesting,.I thought at they must have been another familymember Hubendorf in Schweidnitz, because I found at death certificate of a young Hubendorf from 1790 who died only 3 years old (Carl Joseph William v. Hubendorf), where the mothers name is Christiana Hennigin but the father it says only Lieutent v. Hubendorf. It must be the same v. Hubendorf, som died 1793. I just think it is strange that there is no first name,

I think it was mabey Theresias brother, if you look how young the child is. Mabey I should search for Christiana Hennigin.

I can see what you mean that the wedding took place in Schweidnitz, if v. Hubendorf was her father. Mabey it was that he and Christiana (Theresias mother?) got a child when they were quiet old? I dont even know how old Theresia is. I only know that Johann Rudolf was 42 when they married. Mabey she was very young?

Your last entry gives me a absolut different way to look at it, thats great.

Best regards Andrea

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