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Hello Andrea,

Finding the death certificate of this von Hubendorf from 1793 will explain a lot, without establishing his age, it is difficult to say whether he was Theresia Hedwige’s father? It’s hard to say because he might as well have been her brother or distant relative. At this stage of the search, it simply cannot be clearly stated.

The available materials also show that the von Hubendorf family or some of them fell into serious financial problems, which could have forced some family members to live with their distant relatives.

It would be worthwhile for you to get to know the contents of these archives, as they may contain a lot of valuable information about the von Hubendorf family.

Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz
I. HA GR, Rep. 46 B, Nr. 1024; Hubendorf (1761 – 1771)
Enthält: Gesuch der Witwe Maria von Hubendorf um Konfirmation des Kaufes ihres Gutes Grunau; Beschwerden des von Hubendorf wegen Sequestration seines Gutes Schöneich.

If you currently have access to the resources of the Ancestry portal, could I ask you to download a few metrics for me, namely:

Adam Carl Joseph V. Stilarsky
Lieutenant V. Stilarski dd mm 1788-1789 city, Wehlau, Ostpreussen, Deutschland (Germany)
Juliane Wilhelmine Caroline V. Stillarskÿ dd mm 1814 city, Schlesien, Deutschland (Germany)
Friedrich Carl Herrmann V. Stilarskÿ dd mm 1814 city, Schlesien, Deutschland (Germany)

Hope I’m not asking too much, but these are new records, unknown to me, and I don’t have access to this page anymore.