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As the wedding took place in Załęże, it can be assumed that the bride’s family lived there. In the years around 1880-1900, children with a surname Raschka are born in Załęże, but Valeska or Valeria are not listed in the index. Perhaps she was born away or in the hospital in other place, although that was rare at the time.

As for civil status records – yes, there is a bit more information in the full record. But if you do not need a document with official legal force, ask for a unconfirmed scan or an photocopy of a page with act from the registry office book, there are often notes in the margins, etc.

As I wrote, first obtain a marriage certificate from the archives in Katowice.

From Herman’s church birth certificate it appears that he had a second wife, widow Wiktoria Nowak née Tonak, married in 1952 in Czerwionka-Leszczyny. Do you know when and where Valeska Buchczik née Raschka died?

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