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Hello Damian, Wow, that’s fantastic, thank you, this has made my day 🙂 I really appreciate the information and all your help. If you are able to get some free time I would be very grateful if you can check if my Grandfather Johann Klimas Baptism is in the book, I know that he was born in Suszec as well but not the date.I would imagine though that he was born between 1887-1890. He has the same first name as his father so I imagine he is the oldest brother and also served in the First World War. my Grandother Martha Polczyk was born 24-1-1898. I also had another Uncle born in Suszec who died in the First War called Michael Klimas. His date of birth is 18-9-? Unfortunately we don’t know the Year but I believe it would be between 1889-1896.

Once again thank you for the information and your amazing help 🙂

Alwexis, Thank you as well for the information, I will use the Polish Consulate in Sydney to try and get hold of a Birth Certificate 🙂