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    Hello from Australia.

    I have, for over 17 years, been researching online for information on my 2 x Great-Grandfather –

    Johann Friedrich Schwartz, born 5 March 1797, at Seiffersdorf, Kreis Freistadt, Silesia, Prussia

    and his wife Eva Rosina Liebig? (she died during the voyage to Australia)

    and their children –

    Johanne Dorothea, born 1828 at Seiffersdorf
    Johann Gottlieb, born 18 September 1829 at Seiffersdorf
    Johanne Christiane, born 1833 at Seiffersdorf
    Johanne Dorothea Elisabetha, born 25 August 1834 at Seiffersdorf.

    As they all have the christian name of Johann/Johanne, I have been told, that indicates they were not Catholic. I believe they were Ev Lutheran.

    Also, I found online that the entire town of Seiffersdorf, Lower Silesia was forced to move to Upper Silesia, due to the order of the King at that time. True or untrue?

    Further, I was told that Seiffersdorf is now in Poland, and could be Kozy, Radwanow or Radomierzc?

    Johann Friedrich and his family embarked at Port Adelaide, South Australia on 20th January 1839. This information was found in the Ship’s List (shipping record of their ship 'Catharina’).

    Also online, I have also found a Johann Georg Schwarz, born 23 September 1803 in Seiffersdorf, Kreis Freistadt, Silesia, Prussia. I was told by a staff member at SA Genealogy in Adelaide, South Australia that Johann Georg Schwarz may be related to my Johann Friedrich Schwartz, despite the spelling of the surnames being different, as mistakes were often made in writing their names on the ships log. Could they be brothers?

    I would welcome ANY information about my Schwartz family.

    My research has found little, so I am hopeful that by posting online, information on Johann Friedrich Schwartz, his family, and his parents and siblings, will come to light.

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