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    I hope this is readable. I do not know Polish. But I am looking to see if my ancestors ventured over from Poland into the Vratimov, Czechia, area ca. 1840s. My great great great great grandfather Johann Motloch born 1823 and his wife Anna Bernaczik born 1822. I do not find them in Vratimov/Horni Datyne area prior to 1844. But they had a stillborn child in 1844 in Datyne and then stayed there for many years until my great great grandfather Anton Motloch emigrated from Vratimov to Texas. I hope someone can help me in this. I have no idea what town they would have come from or if they even came from Poland. All I know is that Slaskie has the highest concentration of Motlochs in the world today, and I have a good guess this is from where they came. If you respond in Polish, I can use Google translate to help me out.

    James Foster


    Sorry James but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Silesia is huge area. Let’s start from the beginning. Do you have any metrical documents of Johann Motłoch and Anna? Where did you get their birth date from?

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