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Hello Andrea,

I don’t know if you knew about it, but on June 17, 1793 in Świdnica (Schweidnitz) died von Hubendorf (no first name), who was Premierlieut. in Infanterie-Regiment von Jung Pfuhl. So he served in the same regiment as Johann Rudolff von Kottulinsky! The time, place and the fact that in 1792 Johann Rudolf married Theresa Hedwige there, suggest that she must have been related to the deceased, maybe even she was his sister or daughter?

I was wondering why the wedding of Theresa Hedwige from a family whose lands goods were located near Wrocław (Breslau) took place in Świdnica (Schweidnitz), but now „everything” is starting to fit.

Link, information about the death is on page 570.

In addition, carefully analyze the information provided in the Schlesische privilegirte Zeitungen. 1769 [Jg.28], which coincide and complement the information I provided about the von Hubendorf family at the beginning.