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    This is Carolina Matos, from São Paulo, Brazil.

    I am looking for my ancestors in Raciborz region, since my greatgranfather left Germany in 1920.

    He was born in Raciborz in 1896, named Hans Sikora, son of Peter Sikora and Josefina Kutschera. I found some scan that maybe he was born in Leimerwitz, Leobschütz (now Ludmierzyce, Głubczyce, Opole Voivodeship), but I am having difficulties in finding any information, because of the language and because I dont have any other clue.

    He left Germany in the post war in a desperate fight to save his live after the Ruhraufstand and emigrated to Brazil in a ship what was to depart in Hamburg in 1920, and he never heard from his family again.

    Any help or light you can give me will be of great importance for me.

    Thank you so much!

    Kind regards,

    Carolina Matos


    Hello. I searched for the names of Kutschera on and unfortunately I have not found any of your relatives. The name Kutscher in the area of Głogówek is quite popular. I will send you a link where you can look, maybe you will find something interesting. As for the name Sikora it also occurs in the vicinity Glogowek.


    Hello Carolina,

    it would be helpful if you could send us a scan of the image that says Leimerwitz.
    To get Hans’ birth certificate from Racibórz, you need to write to the state archive in Racibórz.
    Give them these two file numbers: 18/282/0/1/37 18/282/0/1/38
    and as much information as you have on the family (names, date of birth, etc.).
    Contact information:,74,raciborz

    Mind that the surname Sikora was also spelled Schikora in many places.
    If they came from Leimerwitz, they should appear in this database:
    You can navigate it by clicking on „Complete List of Surnames” on the left.
    The database does have some entries for Sikora and Schikora.

    Best regards,


    Hello. I live in Katowice, I will go to the Archive in Katowice and check these files. I will be there on Tuesday, I will answer and write what I found. I hope that you are still interested in the subject?, Because you do not say 🙂

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