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    Tim Hoheisel

    I am looking for my ancestors in Silesia. I’ve found my genealogy back to my great, great, great grandfather Wilhelm (William) Hoheisel but I am stuck there. I know that there were many Hoheisels around the Kreis Falkenberg area in the 19th century.

    Here’s what I know already:

    Wilhelm (William) Hoheisel was born in 8 October 1840 in what was then Korpitz, Falkenberg, Oppeln, Schlesien, Preussen. He died on 10 April 1928 in the Village of Pierz, Morrison County, Minnesota, USA.

    Wilhelm married Katherina Kertzel. She was born 5 September 1841 in what was Plieschnitz, Falkenberg, Oppeln, Schlesien, Preussen. She died on 12 February 1913, also in the Village of Pierz, Morrison County, Minnesota, USA.

    They were married in April 1864 in what was Friedland, Falkenberg, Oppeln, Schlesien, Preussen.

    Before they emigrated to the USA in 1882, they six children in Silesia: Anna, Carl, Joseph, Mathilda, Hedwig, and Paul. They had two more children in the USA: Theodore and John.

    I have found other Hoheisels in Silesia in the Opole Voivodeship but I cannot find any ancestors of Wilhelm Hoheisel.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you in advance.

    Tim Hoheisel
    South Dakota, USA


    Hello Tim,

    translate this short guide for some guidance.
    The Falkenberg district is not that great in terms of online research, so you will most likely have to get the Polish archives involved.

    Best regards,

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