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    Just a word to those in search of birth/marriage/death records for Laurahütte/Siemianowice. After corresponding with the USC Katowice in search of members of the Kolassa family that were born in Laurahütte I was directed to USC Siemianowice Śląskie. I was able to correspond by email with Inspektor Elżbieta Gansiniec. Inspektor Gansiniec was very helpful in locating the records that I was searching for. I have supplied to her the written request that the law requires and expect to receive copies of the requested documents very soon.


    Hi Richard,

    Do you have a mail to Ms Gansiniec? When I called the USC Siemianowice I was told that I cannot get any scan of the act that interesting me because USC does not offer such a service… How did you do that? 😉


    Hi Alwexis,

    Sorry for the slow reply. I have not visited this site in a while. The email address for USC Siemianowice Slaskie is Ms. Gansiniec replied to my request. After making my specific request she replied with information about what was in their records. I was also asked to establish, with documentation, who I was and how I was related to the people whose records I was requesting. After transferring some money to their account they send me the requested documents be traditional mail. I will say that I have made a follow up request for additional information and I have had no reply whatsoever.

    Good luck with your search.


    Czy ktoś kto ma dostęp do aktów urodzeń USC z Siemianowic Śl mógłby przesłać mi akt urodzenia nr 94 z 1898r? Mam dostęp tylko do urodzeń do 1896r…Dziękuję serdecznie!

Przeglądajasz 4 wpisy - od 1 do 4 (z 4)
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