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Thanks Damian,

Much appreciate all your help. Don’t worry I realize you are very busy and time is short and you have lots to do. I look forward to any information you find and don’t mind how long it takes to receive it, just very pleased to have your freindship and help. Your English is fine and I can understand what you write OK, it is much better than my Polish, 🙂 . I wish I got my Father to teach me Polish when he was alive as it would be such a big help with communication and allow me to learn so much more about Poland. Unfortunately I think we realize only these things when we are much older.

If it helps to use your friend in Sydney that would be good.

Once again thanks for all your help and information it’s a great help 🙂

I will sort out the photos and send them you, that way you can put up the ones most useful to people

all the best,