Kirchenbücher Ober-Lazisk (Laziska Gerne) / Nikolai (Mikolów)

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    Matthias Major

    Hi there,

    I wrote some days ago to the archive of Pleß/Pszczyna asking for the records of Ober-Lazisk and Nikolai. The woman told me in a very kind way, that Silius Radium has already digitalized them and would put them online soon. Any information about that? Thanks a lot in advance!


    Mirosław Mitrenga

    Dear Matthias,

    Yes, it is true. Nikolai records are done but not prepared for publication yet (probably they will be put online within several months). Ober Lazisk will be digitalized later.

    Kind regards

    Matthias Major

    Dear Mirek, thanks a lot for the information. I am really looking forward to see them online as without them. there is no possibility for me to continue my ancestry research. Is there any further possibility to do researches for Ober Lazisk and Nikolai?
    Thanks a lot!


Przeglądajasz 3 wpisy - od 1 do 3 (z 3)
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