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    My name ist Thomas Buchmeier and I´m from Germany. I am researching my family history for more than 10 years now.

    On this Website I found an article about Jan Cuban and the Kubainski Family. My mothers maiden name is also Kubainski. My grandfather was born in Katowicze and his ancestors are from Bytom-Rozbark. As far as I could investigate „my“ Kubainsky family is also descending from Piotr Kubainski and Sofia. Unfortunately there is still one part unclear.

    The certificate of birth of my 3rd great grandfather „Laurentius Kubainski“ (*4.8.1825, Rozbark) says that his parents are „Martin Kubainski“ and „Agnes Flaczek“ from Rozbark.

    Now my problem: I couldn´t find a marriage between Martin Kubainski and Agnes Flaczek. Only a marriage between Martin Kubainski and Agnes Mordon. But no birth record concerning Agnes Mordon only a birth record concerning Agnes Flaczek.

    There are about 10 children of Kubainski / Flaczek an 2 of Kubainski / Mordon. All in all it would fit in a timely manner that there might be a mistake in the records. I would assume that Agnes Mordon and Agnes Flaczek are the same persons.

    Maybe someone could help me by completing this part of my family history.

    Yous sincerely
    Thomas Buchmeier

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